Savings and Investment

PRU Smart Saver Plan

YOU select the amount of contributions and YOU take control of your future.

This policy is designed for individuals who seek to save and earn investment returns from their savings over longer periods of time.

The policy also provides embedded risk protection which pays out an outright benefits on the passing of the policy-holder.

Policy Benefits

  1. Investment Fund: The customer selects an amount of monthly contributions which they desire to be invested for a specific policy period ranging from five (5) to thirty (30) years. These funds will be invested and redeemed with investment returns at the end of the policy period.
  2. Sum Assured Payable on Passing On: The policy holder enjoys risk protection in case of passing on during the period of the policy. The selected benefits are paid together with the Investment fund in case of the passing of the policy holder.
  3. Bonus on Investment fund: Prudential shall pay bonuses on the investment fund depending on the investment period subject to a minimum of seven years. The bonus percentage will equal the tenure of the policy, that is ten-year policy will get 10% bonus.
  4. Embedded Rider Benefits: The following Rider benefits are available.
    1. In the event of the Policyholder becoming totally and permanently disabled or being diagnosed with a critical illness that affects their ability to pay premiums, there will be a waiver of the requirement to pay premiums for the remainder of the policy period.
    2. In the event of the Policy-holder passing on as a result of an accident, double the benefits amount together with the accrued Investment fund at the time of passing will be paid out.
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