Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Lapsation Rule?

    •    If the premiums are not received within three calendar months from the due date, the policy will lapse (end).

    •    During the lapse period, all risk benefits such as death, critical illness, and disability waiver benefits cease to apply.

Can a policy be reinstated or revived?

    •    A twelve-month period will be given from the date of lapsing to reinstate the policy on condition that all outstanding premiums plus interest at a rate determined at the discretion of Prudential are paid otherwise the policy is automatically cancelled effective from the date of lapse. 

    •    Policy reinstatement could be subject to the declaration of good health and underwriting by Prudential. 

My policy is about to mature, how can I make a claim?

    •    Simply visit our website and download our claim form, complete and return with a copy of your NRC.

    •    You can visit any of our branches and complete our claim form.

    •    Contact us on +260 967760007 or email info@prudential.co.zm and request for a claim form

I want to Top-up on my policy, how can I make a Top-up?

    •    You can only Top-up on investment policy, simply contact us on +260 967760007 or email info@prudential.co.zm and advise us that you would like to Top-up on your investment policy.

How do I get a statement?

    •    Simply contact us on +260 967760007 or email info@prudential.co.zm and request for a statement.

Can I swap my policy for another policy?

    •    Once your policy is in force (the first premium has been received) you are not able to swap your policy, you will need to cancel the policy.

What is the frequency of paying premiums?

    •    You can choose to make payments monthly, quarterly or half yearly

    •    It is your responsibility to ensure that we receive the premium on the scheduled date

    •    When is my policy due for a withdrawal?

    •    The first withdrawal can be done at 48 months on an investment policy only with a policy term of 7 years and above

Am I able to make any amendments to my policy and when can I do this?

    •    Yes, you can make amendments to your policy. For example, change of payment methods dates, beneficiaries, etc.

    •    All changes should be done in writing and confirmed by the Head Office of Prudential.

Can I pay my premiums in any currency?

    •    No premiums and benefits will be paid in the legal currency of the Republic of Zambia (ZMK)