PRU Smart Farewell Plan

A unique sendoff package which contains investment options and pays back some cash as a non-claim benefits over the policy period.

This is a packaged sendoff plan for an individual and their family.

A unique sendoff package which contains investment options and pays back some cash as a non-claim benefits over the policy period.

Policy Benefits

  1. Packaged sendoff benefit: The policy provides a packaged set of benefits payables on the passing of any listed family members. The packages available are:
Package Benefit
Impala (Impombo) 10,000
Crocodile (Ng’wena) 15,000
Leopard (Imbwili) 20,000
Buffalo (Nyati) 25,000
Rhino (Chipembele) 30,000
Lion (Mukango) 40,000
Elephant (Nzovu) 50,000

The selected benefits plan provides the family with benefits limits of 100% for policyholder and spouse, 50% for children and registered family dependents.

  1. Accidental Double Benefit (ADB): In the event of the passing of the Policy holder or spouse as a result of an accident, twice the selected benefit amount will be payable.
  2. No-Claim Cash Back: A no-claim cash back benefit of 10% and loyalty benefit 5% totaling 15% of total premiums (paid in the previous 60 months) will be payable every 5 years if no claim has been made in the preceding 5 years and if the policy is still enforce and all premiums are up-to-date.
  3. Hospitalization Benefit: The policy provides 5% of the benefit amount every year as Hospital Cash Benefit if policyholder has been in hospital for 3 consecutive days.
  4. Investment Fund: You have an option to set up an investment fund within the policy with monthly contributions not exceeding K1,000. The funds will be invested and redeemed with investment returns.
  5. Pre-burial and Post-burial benefits: Pre-burial and post-burial benefits of 30% and 50% of the benefit amount respectively can be added to the basic benefit level. The post-burial benefit is paid out 12 months after the passing of an insured life. This is an option selected at commencement of the Policy and will incur an optional additional premium.
  6. Waiver of Premium benefit: If the Policy-holder passes on, all future premiums are waived while the other listed lives remain covered until the time of their passing.
  7. Annual Escalation: The Policy-holder has an option to include annual benefit increment whereby premiums can be increased annually at 5%, 10%, 15%, or 20%. The benefit will increase at 75% of the premium increase, chosen at the commencement of the policy.

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