From left to right: Mr. Andrew Phiri (Treasurer -Albinism Association), Mr. Dickson Konkola(Chairperson – Albinism Association), Mr. Damian McGeown ( Chief Operating Officer – Prudential Zambia ) Mr. Kachiza Kwenda(Chief financial Officer- Prudential Zambia)

Prudential donates to albinism association

May 10, 2019

On 10th May 2019, Prudential Life Assurance made a donation of K10,000 to the Albinism Association during a meeting held with representatives of the Albinism Association at Prudential Head Office in Lusaka. The donation form part of Prudential’s continued efforts to support the Society in its mandate to provide support and protection to the albinism community.

There are more than 25,000 people living with albinism in Zambia. Albinism is a genetic condition that results in the absence of melanin, a pigment which is responsible for giving color to the eyes, skin and hair. A great challenge facing more than 25,000 Zambians with albinism is over-exposure to sunlight, which has led to an increase in skin-cancer cases, especially in rural areas. Persons with albinism also have safety concerns, stemming from social prejudice driven by harmful traditional beliefs, and connected to the trafficking of human body parts in other parts of Africa.

During the handover ceremony Mr. Damian McGeown- Chief Operating Officer for Prudential Zambia said, “Prudential is an organization which stands for zero discrimination, we take up the responsibility to help support the demystification of the myths and misconceptions that perpetuate religious violence and cultural discrimination of people living with albinism”. He added that “Prudential will keep supporting the less privileged in Zambia”.

Mr. Konkola – Chairperson of the Albinism Society, expressed appreciation for the gesture by Prudential Life Assurance and said that “It will go a long way in helping the society with various challenges such as skin treatment products and community sensitization and reduce the many traditional myths surrounding the albinism community”.

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