Covid-19 Protection Free Cover


This is a 24-Hour insurance cover that provides a diagnosis benefit to the General Public to help cover the unexpected costs arising from COVID-19.

The insurance cover is only valid within Zambia and will commence on 24th June 2020 to 31 August 2020 unless further extended at the discretion of Prudential.

Customers must enroll on Prudential’s website and provide valid contact information in order to be enrolled into the benefit. Enrolments must be received by 15th August 2020.


Product Features and Plans

The product is a freebie designed to provide cover upon the diagnosis of Covid-19, of a registered life. In the event that the registered life is diagnosed with COVID-19 virus, a lumpsum benefit of K1,000 will be paid out.

There shall be no other benefit payable for registered lives, who are not clients of any other Prudential product.


What are the minimum and maximum ages?

Minimum age – 18 years

Maximum age – 65 years


What are the required documents?

Applicants must have a valid national registration card.


How long is the cover?

The term of cover will be effective from  24th June 2020 to 31st August 2020.


Are there any exclusions?

No benefit will be paid for this cover if the applicant has already been diagnosed with or already has signs or symptoms of COVID-19 as at 24th June 2020.


Accurate information is required for valid cover. Inaccurate information will mean your application will not be successful. The cover is only valid on the basis of a confirmation SMS/Call from Prudential.